Creating Clay sculptures

If you have always been inspired by visual artists, this is your chance. During the workshop clay sculptures, you create your own sculpture in 3 sessions of 3 hours each. How entertaining is that? During a delicious cup of coffee or tea, the technique is explained and you can get started. We work with self-drying clay. 

  • The first day, you make the ‘skeleton’ of the sculpture and clay the model.
  • The second day, at least 5 days after day 1, we touch up any cracks and sand the image.
  • The third and last day, you can paint your own sculpture with acrylic paint. Afterwards it is varnished.

The workshop includes materials and costs €25 per day. p.p. Minimum 3 persons. 

If you prefer to come with only 2 persons, there is a surcharge of 7.50 per person.