Workshop paint fusing.

This workshop is incredibly fun to do, with fantastic results within 2.5 hours. We start with a delicious cup of coffee or tea with something tasty.  

At that same time we explain exactly what we are going to do. Because of the chemical reaction between different liquids and the heating thereof, beautiful shapes and particularly beautiful cells are created.  

With a choice of more than 15 different colours of paint, you create your own unique painting with your favourite colours. Everyone can do this workshop from the age of 9 upwards. For example,  with your family or with your child or grandchild. But of course it is also super fun to make a diptych with your partner or a friend.  

Afterwards there is a snack and a drink where we can admire our artworks. Because there is a thick layer of paint on your painting canvas, the drying time is 2 days, after which you can come and collect the painting. 

You don’t have to bring anything with you because this workshop includes everything; paint supplies and painting canvas. The price for this workshop is € 40,=. p.p. (min. 3 persons, max 4 persons). If you prefer to come with only 2 persons you will pay €7,50 extra per person.  

Treat yourself to an unforgettable morning! You can do more than you think!