Pebble-stone painting

Pebble-stone painting is a great fun workshop. Find a beautiful stone in the river bed or on the side of the road. It does not matter whether the stone is smooth or rather erratic. The point is that your imagination sees something in it. For example, a bird, fish, mouse, or anything else. We start with a cup of coffee or tea with refreshments. In the three-hour workshop you will paint the stone and / or touch-up with clay. As we work with acrylic-paint, your work will dry reasonably quickly.  

The instructive and cosy workshop will be concluded with a drink and a tapa. You can use your unique painted stone as a doorstopper, paperweight, decoration or on your terrace between the plants. Experience an unforgettable morning, sign up now, with your friends or family. 

This workshop costs € 32,50 per person including materials.  

Participation minimum 3 persons, maximum 4 persons. 

If you prefer to come with only 2 persons you pay a surcharge of € 7.50 per person.