Traje de luces

Name: ‘Traje de luces’

Year:       2003

Type:    Oil on canvas

Dimensions:      100 x 100 cm.

Frame:       None.

Extra: Next to the signature is a white sapphire in a 14 karat yellow gold setting.

During my first introduction to the interior of Andalusia I was captured by the special atmosphere that surrounds a ‘Plaza de Toro’ the bullfighting arena and although I am not at all a fan of bullfighting, but mainly interested in design and composition, the designs and compositions intrigued me. colors of the uniform of a ‘Toreador’ me.

These uniforms or ‘Traje de Luces’ are personally designed and recorded for each toreador and are always immediately recognizable for the connoisseurs.

The challenge was to capture these feelings on canvas.